D.C. is the Best City for Working Women Looking for a Better Salary

(Source: In the Capital, February 11, 2013)

While it may seem like a man’s world here in the District where the politicos are put on pedestals and the tech realm mostly consists of those with high levels of testosterone, it turns out that our nation’s capital may very well be the ideal city for working women.

Forbes finally released its much anticipated list of the 20 best-paying cities for women last week. With data from the 2011 Census, Forbes configured the median annual earnings of full-time male and female employees across more than 500 metropolitan regions in the U.S., concluding that while women have been making more money than in the past, they are still falling behind in comparison to the male population. Or, to put it more succinctly, gender parity remains a rarity, no matter the location.

To this day, women residing in the U.S. continue to make 77 cents on each dollar men earn. The wage gap, as described by the American Association of University Women, results from “a combination of women choosing lower-paying fields, lingering gender discrimination and differences in salary negotiations,” but regardless of the reasoning, it remains true that women are still treated differently than males within the workforce arena.



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